Honda Civic Tour Photos! (My Chemical Romance/Blink 182)

Pictures that I took on August 20th, 2011 at the Honda Civic Blink 182/My Chemical Romance concert. Enjoy! :]
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Panic Control Aug 22, 2011

My Chemical Romance/Blink182 Chicago Concert!

Alrighty. Where do I begin? So much has happened in the last day. My voice is gone, my arms and legs are sore, and I…
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Panic Control Aug 22, 2011

MCR Blogger for Chicago, IL- 8/20/11

I don't want to try to prove that I deserve the tickets more then anyone else: there are people who probably deserve them more then…
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Panic Control Aug 10, 2011
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About Me:

Im Ellie, Im almost 14, and Im from Chicago. I've been playing bass for about a moth now and have made little to no progress. I recently discovered My Chemical Romance and love it with all my heart, more than anything else in this world. Feel free to chat with me, I dont bite. ;D